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ac problems you need to fix

Every air conditioner in the history of mechanical cooling has broken down at some point. Every single one. And, if we knew of an AC system that lasted problem-free, we’d shout it from the rooftops. However, AC problems are part of home ownership. Since it’s always helpful to budget, we’d like to discuss some of the AC problems you need to fix right away. The ones that get worse and cost more if left alone.

3 AC Problems You Need to Fix Right Away

Keep reading to learn about the AC problems you could ignore … at your own risk.

1. Noises That Don’t Belong

Turn off the music or TV for a second – what do you hear? Along with the normal sounds of your air conditioning, do you hear another mechanical noise? You might not notice it easily. However, if a strange noise is coming from the vents (or if you hear it when you’re near the outdoor unit), take notice.

Noteworthy Scary Sounds:

  • Hissing
  • Grinding
  • Clanging
  • Screeching
  • Gurgling

AC noises like these can come from a number of small issues—that could become major problems. We’re talking about coolant leaks, blocked piping, broken down motor bearings, and electrical issues. Yikes!

No matter what noise is coming from your system, the cost of inaction could be high. For that reason, you need to ask a professional AC repair expert in the Chattanooga area to come take a look.

2. Ducts That Don’t Deliver

You say your AC is running, yet the air coming through your vents is weak? Is the system not doing the job as well as you remember? It may be that you’re right. Your ducts may have gotten leaky. Now, this might sound like this is a small thing. However, your ducts need to build up pressure properly in order to deliver air to all the rooms of your home. In addition, leaks at any point in the system strip efficiency and cost money.

Leaky Ducts Can Cause:

  • Poorly-cooled rooms in your home
  • More running time as your system tries to reach the right temperature
  • Increased system wear and tear

Get your ducts sealed by a licensed heating and air contractor. They have specialized tools and training to make sure proper pressure is maintained. For that reason, this isn’t a duct tape job. In addition, the sooner you address the problem, the less your system will suffer through an increased workload.

3. Timing That Doesn’t Add Up

On, off, on, off, on … sound familiar? When your AC system turns on and off again frequently, that’s called “short cycling.” Here’s the problem: it’s annoying in the short term. And it can lead to major mechanical breakdown if you allow it to continue. Never mind the annoyance. On/off transitions add wear and tear.

If you want to:

  • Raise your energy costs
  • Increase damage to your system
  • Put up with on/off/on cooling
  • Replace your AC unit sooner

Then, by all means, ignore short cycling.

However, your optimal choice would be to have it inspected by a licensed and experienced heating and air technician. They’ll find the cause of short cycling. Whether it’s a unit that’s too large for your home or something as simple as a dirty filter, you’ll know the cause and be able to address it. Just don’t guess! Get professional help.

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