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3 Benefits of joining Dale's Comfort Club

The team at Dale’s Heating and Air is devoted to service. We work hard to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied with our work on your home’s heating and cooling systems. We want to build a strong, personal relationship with each of our customers. That way, if you ever experience a problem, you feel comfortable calling us again.

That’s why we created Dale’s Comfort Club.

Our Comfort Club is a way to make sure you get the best service possible – and to make recommended (and necessary) regular service available at the right times to protect each comfort system. Here are 3 benefits of joining Dale’s Comfort Club:


3 Benefits of Joining Dale’s Comfort Club


1. Convenient, Scheduled Cleanings

You probably vacuum the floor and clean your kitchen counters regularly – but do you think as often about how clean your HVAC system is? Without a clean and well-maintained heating and air conditioning system, your home (and you) will be negatively affected. Issues with allergies often pop up because of dirty comfort systems.

With Dale’s Comfort Club, you are guaranteed the recommended two cleanings per year. Breathe easier with cleaner indoor air thanks to Dale’s Comfort Club.


2. Discounts and Fee Waivers

Who doesn’t love saving money? At Dale’s Heating and Air, we want to give you access to the most affordable options possible. By joining Dale’s Comfort Club, you’ll get more convenient payment methods – and the advantage of discounts and fee waivers. You can save up to 15% on repairs to start with, and as a member of Dale’s Comfort Club you can have any overtime fees waived.

Don’t put any more strain on your pocket book! You can benefit from the savings Dale’s Comfort Club provides.


3. Longer Comfort System Lifespan

Your home is your most important investment. You need everything to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible, especially your heating and air conditioning. Without comfort, you’ll have a hard time calling your house a “home.” When your HVAC system is regularly cleaned and inspected, we can catch problems before they lead to major, costly repairs. You’ll be at ease knowing your HVAC system is being looked after and primed to keep working well in your home.

Dale’s Comfort Club is a great way to take advantage of all the benefits of regular system cleaning. Contact us today to join and check out our list of services we provide.