The 3 Best Ways to Avoid Clogged Plumbing

best ways to avoid clogged plumbing

Home, sweet home. Electricity, heating and air, a comfortable sofa, and indoor plumbing. Life is good – and your plumbing system helps to add comfort to your life. But what if you get clogged plumbing? Knowing the best ways to avoid clogged plumbing will help you to make sure that doesn’t happen. Plumbing is always best if we don’t notice it.

To keep your plumbing predictable, we’ve put together a list of the 3 best ways to avoid clogged plumbing. Dive in and discover good habits that’ll help you avoid having to call the plumber.

Best Ways to Avoid Clogged Plumbing

Many people think that using drain cleaner every so often will solve clogged drains. In fact, it can do more harm than good, especially when you have old pipes. Don’t use chemical clog-busters, even if they’re convenient. They’re made of harsh, corrosive chemicals. And they’ll make your old pipes leak eventually.

Here’s how to keep your plumbing clog-free the right way.

1. Keep Grease Out of the Sink

It may be easier to rinse grease off your dirty dishes. We’ve all turned the hot water on blast to get congealed oil off a plate or two. Don’t do it! Grease, oil, and butter don’t belong in your pipes. Over time, (not much time at all), grease builds up. It’s hard to avoid clogged plumbing if you don’t avoid greasy drains.

But grease has another effect that you may not know about. Clogs aren’t restricted to one pipe. They can become dislodged. As they move into other pipes, your whole plumbing system suffers.

Think long-term and wipe greasy plates down with a paper towel before putting them in the sink or dishwasher.

2. Use a Hair-catcher

Hair is beautiful … when it’s on your head. Once it hits your pipes, it turns into a clotting, clogging, costly nemesis. Remember the last time you had to clean out your bathroom drain?

Think long-term and cover your shower drains with hair-catchers. And call a licensed plumber if your pipes clog with hair.

3. Throw Trash Away

It’s time for a paradigm shift. Get ready for this: your garbage disposal isn’t the best place for food garbage.

We know, the name is misleading. But here’s why we say that. Your garbage disposal was never intended to dispose of large amounts of food waste. Fibrous foods (think celery, potato peels, apple cores) can make for some truly tenacious clogs.

One of the best ways tavoid clogged plumbing is to avoid using your garbage disposal for food scraps. Instead, use it for what it was meant to handle: small stuff that ends up in the drain during dishwashing.

Think long-term by only using the garbage disposal with the water running. That’ll help push the tiny pieces of food through your pipes all the way to the sewer line.


These 3 ways to avoid clogged plumbing should help you to keep your water draining perfectly. And if you end up with clogged pipes, Just Call Dale’s. We’ll be glad to get your pipes back to normal with friendly, hassle-free plumbing service.

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