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3 Simple Steps for the Best Indoor Air Quality

3 Simple Steps for the Best Indoor Air Quality

If you’re like us, you want a healthy home – with the best indoor air quality. We rightfully care about the air we breathe, both for the health of our family and for ourselves. And we do our best to improve it.

Here at Dale’s Heating, Cooling and Plumbing, we know you want to be healthy even more than you want to be comfortable. Here are 3 simple steps for the best indoor air quality.


1) Control What You Can


Keep cleaning products and other chemicals in closed storage – preferably in your garage or an outbuilding. Make sure that wherever you store them, they’re out of the reach of children. If that’s not possible, keep them in a room with a vent leading outside your home.

It’s tempting to keep these articles in areas with easy access (under the kitchen or bathroom sink). But these are also areas where fumes can more easily affect the air. The bathroom can be difficult to ventilate.

Limit the use of non-ventilating combustibles. If your stove has a grill, make sure you have ventilation – such as a stove hood or open window.

And if you smoke, be sure to do it outside (which should go without saying).

Note: candles have a reputation for being more “earthy” and creating less harmful waste. On a small scale, they’re harmless. But in reality, they’re a very old, inefficient technology in terms of heat production. They may offer homey appeal, but if overused, they can seriously reduce the air quality in closed spaces. An open flame takes oxygen out of any room.


2) Ensure Good Ventilation


Your bathroom, laundry room, crawlspace, and kitchen should be vented outdoors whenever possible. Check your dryer and make sure the ducts are securely fastened to properly vent outdoors.

Good ventilation may be more difficult in some areas of the home, such as the kitchen. However, you can regularly open windows and run fans to expel stale air. One of the more common myths, especially during winter, is that cold air causes sickness. Actually, you’re more likely to get sick when your indoor air is allowed to stagnate. Let that cool air in – and when your heating unit kicks in you’ll be doubly recirculating the air.

Check your fireplace each year to make sure that the chimney is working properly. Even though a fireplace may seem to funnel smoke out of your house, slight clogs in the chimney can cause toxins to increase at levels that you may not notice right away.


3) Filter Your Air


Check and replace your air filters regularly so that dust and other unwanted contaminants aren’t getting into the air you breathe. You can make a monthly event on your calendar to remind yourself. Here’s a rule of thumb: every time you pay your electric bill, change your filter. Do this simple task, and you’ll be glad you did.

Go ahead and clean your air vents while you’re at it. Whether you’re doing spring cleaning or a weekly dusting, check your air vents for dust as well. Are they fastened securely, or loose? An easy turn of the screw can prevent larger problems later on.

And while you’re cleaning your vents, make sure you’re getting enough airflow. If the vents are open but you’re not getting much flow, you may have a duct issue. Dale’s can help with vent flow testing – and solve any issues.

Invest in a high-quality air purification system.You can improve your indoor air quality without replacing your whole heating and air conditioning unit. There are a great number of air cleaning systems that you can add to your HVAC system for a reasonable price. Our technicians are experts at determining what system is best for your home.


Here at Dale’s, we offer superior air purifiers, humidifiers, and highly efficient ventilation systems for every budget. You can also get a germicidal UV lamp – a cutting-edge technology that can actually zap mold and bacteria before they get into your air. The UV lamp can help your system run more efficiently, to boot.

Clean your air for healthy and comfortable living with these simple steps for the best indoor air quality. Just Call Dale’s to have a professional look over your system!