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Chattanooga ranks as one of the country’s top cities for allergens each year – and our indoor air quality suffers. Pollen is the biggest nuisance in the region, but there are other outdoor allergens that can have a strong impact on your indoor air quality when brought inside. They also cause uncomfortable symptoms like runny noses and itchy, watering eyes. To avoid the headache of allergies during this spring, here are 3 tips to keep allergens from ruining your indoor air quality.


3 Tips to Keep Allergens From Ruining Your Indoor Air Quality


1. Clean Regularly

Allergens like dust mites and pollen are easily carried into your home on your clothes and shoes. Dust mites live all throughout your home – rugs, carpet, bedding, mattresses, etc. Be sure to thoroughly clean these areas, and regularly wash clothes after being outside. Leave your shoes by the front door if you’ve spent an extended amount of time outside. Vacuum carpeted rooms at least once a week.


2. Reduce Humidity

Any areas of your home with heavy humidity or exposure to moisture are breeding grounds for mold. Invest in a de-humidifier for moisture-prone rooms of your house. Clean and sterilize any areas of mold you find in your home to prevent it from triggering allergies or asthma. At Dale’s, we offer humidifier and air purification system installations that can help reduce allergens in your home and help reduce allergy symptoms.


3. Reduce Allergen Entry

Aside from your clothing, your four-legged friends can bring allergens into your home. Their dander, an allergen itself, also carries other allergens like pollen and dust. Keep your animals well-groomed by regularly bathing and brushing them, especially if they spend a lot of time outdoors. If you suspect any allergies are tied to animal dander, ask your doctor for an allergy test.

You also need to make sure your comfort system filters are clean. Change them on schedule, and even more often if you’re particularly sensitive to allergens.


A lot of your time is spent indoors – and allergies are no joke. Reducing the allergens that make their way inside your home keeps your indoor air quality clean and comfortable. If you’re interested in improving your indoor air quality, Just Call Dale’s can help. Give us a call at 423-509-8787 to learn about your options!