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3 Ways a Smart Thermostat Helps You Save Money


We all know how diverse the climate is here in the Tennessee Valley. Temperatures can change quickly and often, in every season. This is especially true during the transitions between seasons – we find ourselves turning the heat on, off, and on again. Constantly adjusting your thermostat can increase your energy bill if you’re not careful. The best solution to this is surprisingly convenient. A smart thermostat helps you save money in the long run – and combating waste is always a plus.


3 Ways a Smart Thermostat Helps You Save Money


Here are the 3 best ways a smart thermostat helps you save money by giving you better control over your heating and cooling.

1. Access It From Anywhere


Smart thermostats are designed to give you access from wherever you are by simply using your smart device. Through your thermostat app, you can fix your home’s heat or air conditioning when you’re away on a trip, in the office, or waiting for your child’s game to start. All you need is your phone. This kind of control is amazing, especially if you forgot to adjust the temperature before leaving home.


2. Cut Down on Energy Waste


We waste a lot of energy in our homes without even realizing it. When sudden warm or cold fronts hit the area, we’re tempted to change the temperature by several degrees. And then when we feel comfortable we’ll readjust the temperature again. This may seem harmless, but a traditional heating and cooling system will have to constantly turn on and off to keep up with the changes. Your energy bill could skyrocket.


A smart thermostat can be easily programmed to avoid these mistakes and reduce energy waste by following the schedule you create on the app. You don’t want the heat to run all day while you’re away from home. You can fine-tune these settings on your smart thermostat so that won’t happen.


3. Get Clear Reports

One of the benefits of smart heating and cooling technology is the automatic energy report you get. You can schedule how often you get the report – weekly, monthly, bi-annually, etc. Tracking your energy bill is simple with a smart thermostat. This saves you an inconvenient talk with someone from the power company. With your report in hand, you’re able to find out exactly which temperature and schedule is working best to save you money.


Make the Upgrade Today

A smart thermostat helps you save money. It keeps your home easily manageable, energy-efficient, and comfortable. When you’re ready to make the upgrade,  Just Call Dale’s at (423)-509-8787 – we’ll be happy to discuss which smart thermostat helps you most.