3 Ways to Stay Comfortable This Spring


We’re gearing up for another beautiful spring in the Chattanooga area. Our homes are the center of our comfort and relaxation, but the temperature shifts between winter and spring can affect our ability to unwind. We’re constantly feeling warm, then chilly, and then warm again – depending on the fluctuating temps outside. Here are 3 ways to stay comfortable this spring during the awkward hot/cold/hot transition. 



3 Ways to Stay Comfortable This Spring  


To stay comfortable this spring, let’s look at some things you already have in your home.  



1. Curtains Keep It Cool

During a warmer day, sometimes you’ll want to crack a window open, maybe draw your blinds and curtains back to let the sunlight and warmth in. But after a while, your house can heat up. Instead of cranking up the AC right away, draw your curtains to stay warm inside without attracting extra heat. And when you’re ready for a little more sunshine in your house, just open the curtains again. This is a great alternative to turning the AC on and off, which can increase your power bill.  



2. Home Appliances Help

Bet you didn’t think of using home appliances like your oven and thermostat to help beat odd weather patterns. Investing in a smart thermostat is a guaranteed way to regulate your home’s temperature during the shifting spring weather, as it can monitor temperature changes and keep you from making costly decisions when adjusting the thermostat.  In addition, your oven gives off heat when in use, so this is a quicker and somewhat cheaper way to quickly warm the kitchen of your home. So, take out your cookbook and whip up a hot meal! Then, leave the oven open as it cools down to take advantage of all that warmth. 



3. Rugs Keep Feet Cozy

Rugs can be more than home decorations. Your feet can get cold quickly if you have hardwood or tile floors and the temperature drops suddenly. Sometimes, thick socks just aren’t enough to keep your toes snug. A thick rug is another cheap (and attractive!) way to stay warm while indoors. When it’s getting warm inside again, you can just roll the rug up and store it for another day.  



If Needed, Get a Tune Up 

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you may not feel comfortable in your home because there is an issue with your system. Your trusted heating and cooling technician can inspect your system and fix any problems they come across. We want to make sure you stay comfortable this spring. Just Call Dale’s at (423) 509-8787 to ensure your home comfort systems do their job.  

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