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How to Lower Your Indoor Air Humidity

Did you know that if you don’t take steps to lower indoor humidity during summer, you’ll feel like you’re breathing in more heavy, humid air when you walk inside? If you’re like us, you’d rather feel cool and refreshed. Well, you can! In fact, high indoor humidity is a pretty easy problem to address. Let’s talk about how you can do that.

4 Quick Ways to Lower Indoor Humidity During Summer

There are several reasons why your indoor air humidity could be high. Here are 4 ways you can lower indoor humidity during summer.

1. Know Your Ideal Humidity

During the summer you want to stay around 30-40% humidity. This simply refers to the amount of water vapor in the air. Most HVAC experts recommend that your indoor air humidity stay above 30% throughout the year. If your home’s air is feeling hot and “sticky,” most likely your humidity levels are higher than recommended.

2. Check Your De-Humidifier

Having a de-humidifier in your home is super important to balancing your home’s humidity levels. Along with helping with overall air quality, having a de-humidifier will remove excess moisture from your home. If you have one and still notice that it’s not doing what it should to lower indoor humidity, Just Call Dale’s to inspect your unit. It may need cleaning, repairs, or even a full replacement.

3. Consider an Exhaust Fan

There should already be several exhaust fans installed in your home, such as in the bathrooms and above your oven. These work to lower humidity in areas that have excess humidity. Activities like hot showers or cooking make for warm, damp air. If your home does not have exhaust fans, installing them will greatly lower indoor humidity during summer (and all year round). This lowers the chance of any mold growth from excess moisture. If your vents or exhaust fans need cleaning or inspection, you may want to call for professional help.

4. Check Your Air Flow

Along with installing exhaust fans, even, steady airflow throughout your home will decrease humidity levels. You may also want to inspect your home for any leaks or cracks in the structure that could allow your cool air to slip out and let warm air in.



Don’t let your summer be ruined by hot, humid air inside your home. Just Call Dale’s today for a free estimate and information about products like de-humidifiers. We’re happy to help you adjust your home’s humidity levels and live in comfort.