Can Cleaning Your Heating System Save Money This Winter?

can cleaning your heating system save money this winter

Winter weather is here, and it’s bound to get even colder. Here in Tennessee, we’re bracing for one of the coldest winters in recent years. That means it’s time to get your heating system ready. You already know that your system needs cleaning to run well. But can cleaning your heating system save money, too?


Yes. Here’s how system cleaning can cut your bill.


How Can Cleaning Your Heating System Save Money?


When your system’s outdoor coil is dirty, it takes more energy to extract heat from the outside air. Dirt gets in the way, making your system work harder for less heat exchange. When the compressor works harder, your system is on for longer and costs more to run.


So, less efficiency wastes money. But that’s not all. A dirty system that runs for more time also wears out sooner. Your system’s lifespan may decrease, and you’ll have to replace it sooner.


Likewise, the air handler, located indoors, can wear out sooner and cost more to operate if it’s running constantly.


Good news! Not only can cleaning your heating system save money. It can also save your system. And it’s an inexpensive process compared to repair and replacement costs. Think of it like an oil change for your car.


So, what parts of your heating system need cleaning, and who can do the job?


What You Can Clean


  1. Change Your Air Filter


It’s easy, cheap, and you can put it on your calendar so you don’t forget. Get in the habit – your system will breathe cleaner and won’t have to work as hard to draw air through the return.


  1. Clean Vents and Registers


Keep track of all of your vents and registers and clean them out often. Make sure they are sealed tightly against the floor to prevent any stray debris from entering.


  1. Remove Debris Around the Outdoor Unit


Leaves and twigs are impossible to keep off your unit. However, you can control how long they stay there. Keep debris off the top of the system. It can keep the fan from working smoothly. Also, clear the sides to allow the system to “breathe” fresh air through the heat exchanger.


What You Need Help to Clean


Cleaning your heating system can save money. Sometimes, you have to spend money to save in the long run, right? Regular cleaning and maintenance is one of those necessary expenses.


Taking off the unit’s cover and cleaning the coils is complex – and it needs to be done. Call a heating and air pro to help! Ask for a full heating system cleaning and maintenance check, before the coldest weather hits. You’ll be set up for more efficient, dependable heating all winter long.


An extra benefit? You’ll be much less likely to need emergency repairs during one of the busiest times of the year.




If your heating was last cleaned 6 months ago or longer, Just Call Dale’s today! You can even look into our exclusive Comfort Club for regular system cleaning twice a year – easy, convenient, and dependable. We want you to have an efficient, warm heating system all winter.

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