5 Easy Steps to Get Your Heat Pump Ready for Fall

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Knowing how to get your heat pump ready for fall and winter is vital. Your goal is to stay warm during the winter in Chattanooga. Without proper maintenance, a heat pump will use much more energy than a well-maintained one, resulting in higher energy bills. And a poorly maintained heat pump is also more likely to experience problems when you need it most.

Here are some steps you can take to get your heat pump ready for Tennessee’s cold winter.

Follow these 5 simple steps to:

Get Your Heat Pump Ready for Fall

  1. Check Your Air Filter

The first step is to make sure you air filter is clean. Changing the filter is actually a monthly chore. And after a summer of filtering the extra dust created by dry earth, it’ll need changing sooner than you think.

By keeping dirt from building up in your system, you help it to work more efficiently – and save wear and tear. That’s money in the bank. Don’t let this simple task fall by the wayside. You should be changing it once a month or as needed.

  1. Make Room to Breathe

Grass clippings can build up around the outside unit. That’s not ideal. It blocks air from flowing into the unit and causes dirty coils. Leaves and tree debris can find its way into the fan – or even the condenser – and lead to a broken down heat pump.

As you get your heat pump ready for fall, make sure to give your unit 3-4 feet of clear space so air can circulate. Cut overgrowth and cart away debris. You’ll especially need to check it after heavy winds or storms.

  1. Wake Up the System

Chattanooga’s warm season lasts a long time. The first time you turn on your heat pump, you might smell a burnt odor. That’s actually dust – and your heat pump is burning it. It’s had plenty of time to collect, after all.

Turn the heat on during warm weather to get your heat pump ready for fall. You can open your windows to let fresh air in and blow the burning smell out.

  1. Watch for Warning Signs

Fall’s almost here – and winter’s coming soon. Stay sharp to spot malfunctions before you absolutely need heat. An early warning will allow you time to have the heat pump checked out by a professional technician.

You might have a problem if:

your heat smells like a dirty sock.

Bacteria can grow on the indoor coils of your heat pump – and if it does, you’ll probably smell it. If you’re concerned you might have that issue, call a technician to take care of the problem.

your heat pump blows cold air instead of warm.

If you’re warm and cozy, the heat pump is probably just fine. However, if the temperature in your home is dropping – or even dropping and rising in turns – it’s time to ask your heating and cooling tech to get your heat pump ready for fall.

No matter what warning signs you spot, your best bet is to have the heat pump checked out. It may fail when you need heat the most if you don’t address the issue.

  1. Schedule Regular Maintenance

Regular heating and cooling maintenance can eliminate most issues that pop up in cold weather. There are a lot of things you can do yourself. But a qualified technician knows your system like the back of their hand.

Get your heat pump ready for fall with a preventive heating service call. The tech will check the refrigerant level, look for leaks, test the wiring, gauge the system’s efficiency, tighten electrical connections and belts, and make sure the motor’s running without a hitch.


The Chattanooga area’s cool fall and winter weather calls for a heat pump that’s in perfect working order. To stay cozy and warm, get your heat pump ready for fall ahead of time. Just Call Dale’s – our professional technicians will make sure you have a heat pump you can rely on.

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