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why you should hire a licensed HVAC contractor

Why do people say you should hire a licensed HVAC contractor? They’re all equally skilled and reputable, right? You should probably just go with the cheapest quote, regardless of licensing.


Sound good to you? It shouldn’t.


It matters who you hire to fix your HVAC system. You should use a licensed HVAC contractor for many of the same great reasons you’d choose a licensed contractor to build a new home. And if you use an unlicensed contractor, someone who may not know (or care) about regulatory standards and building codes, you could lose out.


You need a company that cares enough to get licensed. Here are 3 reasons why you should hire a licensed HVAC contractor.


1. Hire a Licensed HVAC Contractor for Safety


Building codes exist to protect you from potentially harmful problems. The standards that guide heating and cooling system installation and repair help to ensure that contractors safely do effective work. Unfortunately, some don’t know or care about code. And some HVAC contractors will say they have a license even when they don’t.


IHVAC work is poorly done, warm and cool air will be wasted on its way to your vents, and the machine will run inefficiently. But the worst problems will happen if the electrical components of the system are installed in the wrong way. That’s like setting your system up for failure.


If you don’t hire a licensed HVAC contractor, you’ll be left without a safety and quality guarantee.


2. Hire a Licensed HVAC Contractor to Save Money


Inefficient heat transfer, excessive energy use, even components that short out and need to be replaced … just a few costs of poor HVAC installation and repair. Hiring an unlicensed HVAC contractor might seem like a bargain. But your future costs are lower when you hire a licensed contractor.


3. Hire a Licensed HVAC Contractor to Protect Yourself


Unlicensed HVAC contractors don’t usually have insurance. Basically, if they can’t be bothered to get licensed, they’re not going to get liability and worker’s comp either. Here’s what can happen without insurance: any injury that may happen to an unlicensed HVAC tech may make you liable as the homeowner.


In the best case, it can lead to higher homeowner’s insurance rates. In the worst case, you may be exposed to a lawsuit. Licensed HVAC contractors in Tennessee must have worker’s compensation Insurance, so go with one to protect your own assets in case of an accident.


How Can I Tell if My HVAC Contractor is Licensed?


Simple. Ask to see their license when they ring your doorbell. Don’t just take their word for it. A licensed HVAC contractor must do good work, legally and ethically, or face strict consequences.


Hire a Team You Can Trust


Word of mouth is a good thing. But don’t just hire someone you heard is great. Make sure your HVAC contractor is currently licensed and insured, with a good reputation and excellent testimonials. Cost of labor is nothing compared to the potential future costs of unlicensed, incorrect work.


Dale’s Heating, Cooling and Plumbing keeps our HVAC techs licensed and current with city codes and industry standards. Just Call Dale’s for HVAC service you can trust.