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how to void your ac system warranty

Consider this scenario: you’re at home this summer and you suddenly realize that it’s getting warmer in the house. You go to check the AC, and it’s turned on – but there’s no cool air. Something’s broken. But you have a 10-year warranty, so you’re not worried. No problem – right?

Now add this: the manufacturer refuses to pay for the repair, even though it’s only been a couple of months since installation, (That’s rare, but it happens.) What gives?
Turns out that you voided your warranty … by accident. Now you do have a problem.

You don’t even know how to void your AC system warranty, so how’d that happen?

It’s easier than you think. And it’s also easily preventable with the right knowledge. So, let’s talk about how to void your AC system warranty – so you don’t do it by mistake. Our goal is to keep you under warranty as long as possible so that the manufacturer pays all they’re responsible to pay.

How to Void Your AC System Warranty By Accident

The manufacturers don’t want to pay for repairs if they don’t have to. So, they leave plenty of loopholes for themselves. Keep reading for the 3 most common ways how to void your AC system warranty.

1. Forget to Register Your System Post-Installation

Yes, you do need to register your system with the manufacturer when it’s installed. This is where some homeowners go wrong. But not registering right away can knock years off the warranty or void it altogether. Manufacturers commonly require that you register within 60 to 90 days of installation.

People forget all the time, and it’s an expensive mistake.

Avoid this mistake by: Just Calling Dale’s for HVAC installation. We’ll register your system for you so you won’t get stuck with an unexpected repair bill.

2. Repair Your System Using Non-OEM Parts

Use an off-brand part (or hire a heating and air pro who does) and you’ll void your warranty. Your warranty is only good as long as all the parts in it are Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

If you have a Carrier unit, insist on Carrier parts for all repairs. Likewise for other manufacturers.

Why? Because manufacturer-supplied parts are made to exact specifications and undergo intense testing by the manufacturer. Watch out for service techs who offer “cheaper” parts. They could cost you when a major repair rolls around.

Avoid this mistake by: never allowing parts that are “off-brand,” “non-OEM,” or “aftermarket” to be used when your system is repaired. Only work with contractors who insist on OEM replacement parts.

3. Don’t Keep a Regular Maintenance Schedule

It’s true that maintenance, like cleaning and inspecting parts, costs money. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Wrong! Don’t skip annual (or, ideally, twice yearly) HVAC system maintenance. For your warranty to stay in effect, you need to have your system maintained every year. Just look at what Carrier’s warranty says, for instance:

Regular Dealer Maintenance
In addition to the routine maintenance that you perform, your home comfort system should be inspected regularly by a properly trained service technician.
That’s not a suggestion. Your warranty may be voided if you skip a year.

But there’s an added benefit to having maintenance done by a trained technician. Twice-yearly maintenance has been proven to extend the life of HVAC systems by catching and repairing problems when they’re still small – or even before they start. You could save money on big repairs and/or replacement.

Avoid this mistake by: Joining Dale’s Comfort Club. It’s the hassle-free maintenance plan that you don’t have to remember – because we remember for you. As a member, you get:

  • Heating and cooling system cleaning 2x/year
  • Save 15% on any necessary repairs
  • Only OEM parts (remember #2 above?)
  • Never pay weekend or overtime fees



Want more information about how Dale’s Heating & Air can help you keep your warranty in force? Call (423) 509-8787 or fill out the Comfort Club form today!