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Too Late to Tune Up Your AC System

We all know that AC maintenance is the key to your system’s long-term performance. And most of us know that spring is the best time to get your AC system maintained. But now that it’s already hot out, is it too late to tune up your AC system? Has Chattanooga’s demanding summer weather already started to take its toll?

Once we reach 90° F, you need to be sure that your system will continue to perform – without damage – 24 hours per day. If you haven’t already scheduled an air conditioning tune-up, do you need to wait until next year?

But that’s not really the question. The question is: how much are you willing to risk your overall system health? If you don’t catch potential problems now, they may rear their ugly heads during the hot season. No one wants to go without cooling in August. So, are you a gambler? You might beat the house. Or, the house might beat you.

It’s Not Too Late to Tune Up Your AC System

There’s your answer. It’s not too late. If your system is still running, and you haven’t gotten it tuned up this year, you’re not too late. In order to get it done properly, here’s what you need:

  • Complete, professional air conditioner inspection
  • Top-to-bottom, inside-to-outside system cleaning (2x per year)
  • Any necessary repairs
  • Proactive and preventive maintenance

Every time you think it’s better to put off service, remember this:

Preventive Maintenance Is About Prevention

Yes, prevention. Not reaction, neglect, or repair. Just responsible, proactive prevention. Preventive maintenance can keep your system running by spotting and addressing potential problems. Maybe that means your system never breaks down. Or maybe it means that if it fails, it doesn’t fail catastrophically. Maybe it just means 5 more years of service from an aging machine.

No matter what benefits preventive maintenance offers, it’s not too late to tune up your AC system – because it’s still working. Don’t wait for a problem before you call for air conditioning service. That could result in a shorter lifespan and increased operating cost for your unit.

Schedule Your AC Tuneup Now

You need:

  • Peace of mind that your cooling system will be able to work hard all summer
  • Prevention of sudden failure or system inefficiency
  • Proactive repair so you don’t have to rush in an emergency

However, sometimes we forget things. Most people don’t think about their system until they have an expensive problem. Dale’s Comfort Club takes the worry and hassle out of keeping your system properly cleaned. We’ll call you to schedule a cleaning twice per year.



For all your heating and cooling system repairs, Just Call Dale’s. It’s not too late to tune up your AC system. Just schedule an appointment online or call (423) 509-8787 today for the air conditioning service Chattanooga relies on.