5 Ways to Save Energy, Make Your Heat Pump More Effective

make your heat pump more effective

Cold weather is here in force. And that means a higher energy bill, more drafts, and a hard-working heat pump. But there are things you can do to make your heat pump more effective – and save energy as well!

Here are 5 ways to: Make Your Heat Pump More Effective

No, it doesn’t have anything to do with changing the heat pump itself. Surprised? Well, as long as you regularly have your heat pump serviced, there isn’t much else you can do to it.

But there are 5 things you can do to make your heat pump more effective.

1. Seal Your Openings

Install weatherstripping around your windows and doors to keep the cold out. Leaky doors and windows don’t hurt as much as poor insulation, but they’re a close second.

2. Involve Your Fans

Your ceiling fans should have two settings: clockwise and counter-clockwise. Set them to rotate slowly clockwise. That’ll circulate warm air down to where the people are, and help to regulate the temperature in your rooms.

3. Insulate Your Floors

Wood and tile floors are beautiful! But they’re also cold in winter. Up to 10% of your home’s heat loss comes from uninsulated floors.

Your best option is to insulate your first-level flooring with actual insulation. If that’s not practical (or affordable), go for the easier fix: add area rugs. They’re the perfect barrier between the cold air in your crawl space and your nice, warm house.

4. Adjust Your Thermostat

Keeping the temperature lower than normal might seem counter-intuitive. But it allows slower heat loss. And that means you save money. The less time your unit has to be turned on, the better.

Adjust your indoor temperature to align with your habits. You have two options to do this.

Option number one: have a professional install a programmable, WiFi-capable thermostat. You’ll be able to set the temperature lower at night and when you’re gone. All from your smart phone. Automatic settings can take over after you’ve calibrated them.

Option number two: get in the habit of adjusting the thermostat yourself. When you leave, come home, go to bed, wake up in the morning. If you make it one of your habits, you’ll find that this simple routine will save you a good deal of money on your utility bill.

5. Optimize Your Layout

Think about where your room is the coldest. Windows, outside walls, doors. Move your furniture so that people don’t have to sit up against those sources of cold air. Your body heat is what makes you comfortable. And if you’re losing heat on the couch, you’ll also lose your favorite place to sit.

Conversely, don’t put your furniture in front of floor vents, wall vents, or radiators. They’ll soak up the heat. And your heating system will have to work harder to bring your air up to the correct temperature.


If you’re doing all these things and still losing heat fast, your heating system probably needs servicing by a professional technician. In Ooltewah, Cleveland, Hixson, Chattanooga, or Collegedale, TN, Just Call Dale’s! We’ll be happy to help you stay warm this winter.

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