Water Heater Repair Chattanooga

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A faulty water heater can cost you money in many different ways. It can leak silently for weeks and cause mold and water damage, or it can run up your electric bill. If you’ve just found out that water heater repair is next on your to-do list, just call Dale’s. Our fully trained, trusted technicians are qualified in all aspects of water heater repair and can help to solve your problem. Water Heater repair chattanooga

What’s better than quick repairs? Regularly scheduled maintenance, of course! With a regular service check, our technicians will be able to spot issues that might be developing. You’ll be able to head off big hits to your wallet – and your home.

Scheduled regular maintenance is many times a warranty requirement. You can sign up for our Planned Service Agreement to get the most bang for your buck. You’ll become part of an exclusive number of Dale’s Heating, Cooling and Plumbing customers who trust us to ensure their water heaters are working properly.

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