Heat Pump Repair

Chattanooga & Ooltewah Heat Pump Repair

Heat pumps transfer heated or cooled air into the home through a duct system, and since they move air and do not generate energy, they may substantially reduce your utility usage and costs. Heat pumps are a great energy-efficient alternative to traditional heating systems; and, if paired with a gas or propane furnace, they become even more versatile and offer even greater efficiency. Some other Benefits of a Heat Pump are:

Even temperatures maintained throughout your home

  • Quiet operation
  • Zoned temperature control
  • Humidity controlled environment
  • Varied options for compressor speed, capacity, and efficiency

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Heat Pump installation requires additional training for service technicians, which is why choosing the right company to install your new heat pump system is so important. Dale’s professional technicians are specially trained in the various methods of installation, maintenance and heat pump repair technology. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will guide you through the decision-making process to ensure the heat pump that you choose meets your comfort needs and suits your home’s specifications. With Dale’s Heating and Air you always get Trusted Integrity – the right system at the right price!

Dale’s Heating and Air is here to help the residents of Chattanooga, Ooltewah and Cleveland not only with the installation of a new heat pump system but also with any service or repair on an existing heat pump system. We are ready to respond with our Trusted Dependability. Call our office or click here to schedule an appointment today!

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