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what kind of air filter should I get

Last month, we talked about why changing your air filter is so important. Now, it’s time to talk about the filter itself. Think about the last time you were at the store, looking for filters. If you’re like the average person, you probably found yourself thinking, “What kind of air filter should I get?”

We get it – you almost have too many options. High-density, high-flow, low price, “premium” price, super thick, washable, electrostatic…. It’s almost enough to make you wish you lived in a condo.

What kind of filter should you get? Which is best? How can you tell? How might your system respond? Better yet: how do you cut through the noise of advice?

Simple. Listen to Chris.

Just watch the video below to learn exactly which kind of filter is best for your system – and how proper filtration and a sealed duct system work together to keep your air healthy and filtered.

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“What Kind of Air Filter Should I Get” Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Chris with Dale’s Heating and Air, and today I want to talk to you about filters – and what type of filter is best for you and your system.

A lot of people go to big-box stores and get these 3M high-density filters and think that they’re going to filter the air in their home because they’ve got some allergies going on. And they think that’s the best thing to do.

Sadly, that is the incorrect thing to do for your system.

These high-density filters, such as this one right here, load up quickly with particulates that are in the air. And they restrict the airflow in your system.

A lot of times people call us and say, “Hi, I’ve got allergies and I’m getting all this dust in my house.” We go out, and it’s really not better filtration that they need. They just need a sealed duct system.

Many times, we go out to people’s homes and discover that their return air duct is not sealed, and in fact they’re pulling in or mixing crawl space air, attic air, the particulates that are in the crawl space or attic, with the air in their home. A high-density filter is not going to fix that problem.

Here’s what I’d suggest, and here is what the manufacturers suggest.

You know those cheap filters that you can find a 4-pack for 5 bucks? Yeah, those are the ones that you need to put in your system. They don’t load up as quickly, they don’t restrict airflow, like these [high-density] filters, and your system will run as it’s designed to.