Dale's Gives Back

We are grateful for the support you and your neighbors show us on a daily basis. But support is a two-way street. That's why we've decided to give back to the community. "Dale's Gives Back" is a way for you to help your favorite organization. And, best of all, all you need to do is vote. Dale's Heating & Air, Inc. will donate to each organization based on what place they come in at the end of Sunday, June 18, 2023.


  • 1st: $1500
  • 2nd: $1000
  • 3rd: $500

Our Featured Charities

Mending Arrow Ranch

Mending Children’s Hearts, Minds, Bodies, and Souls Through Equine Therapy.

It all started with a little girl and a horse. From a young age, Mending Arrow Ranch’s Founder, CEO, and Head Mare Kayla Davis used the healing powers of horses as a form of therapy that catered to her needs and interests both physically and mentally to help her cope with some of life’s heavier moments. What started as a phase turned into a calling, a lifelong ministry serving children with unique needs through equine therapy.

Mending Arrow Ranch is an equine ministry nestled in the hills where children and young adults can learn and grow regardless of their limitations and unique challenges. Through private lessons, instructors adapt lessons to accommodate individual needs. The ranch offers four programs and is a place where children can experience healing and personal growth through interactions with a horse, and being out in nature. All services are provided at minimal to no cost to the children and their families and are funded entirely by the voluntary contributions of individuals, corporations, and grants.

Mending Arrow Ranch’s mission is to achieve the goals of mending and redeeming hearts, minds, bodies, and souls through an Equine Ministry that connects a horse and a child.

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Tennessee Baptist Children's Homes

Children Need a Safe Home. They Have One at Tennessee Baptist Children’s Home.

Tennessee Baptist Children’s Homes provide a Christ-centered, nurturing home for children in hard places across Tennessee through compassionate on-campus homes and foster families. Founded in 1891 by Mrs. Georgia Eastman, Tennessee Baptist Children’s Home began in the former hotel Delaware in West Nashville as a Christian home for orphans. Since the beginning, TBCH has grown and adapted to meet the needs of children across Tennessee.

The Tennessee Baptist Children’s Homes offer 3 Residential Care campuses across the state and have foster homes in more than 50 cities that serves around 250 children each year in their safe and nurturing programs. TBCH offers three programs, Foster Care, Residential Care, and Family Care to serve and provide children with everything they need, especially hope and love. All services are totally donor supported and they don’t receive any government funding.

Tennessee Baptist Children’s Homes' mission is to minister the love of Jesus Christ to children and families in crisis. They envision and strive to be a ministry to children and families that leads them to become whole persons in Christ through faith, hope, and love. The donation from Dale’s will go to the Chattanooga Branch.

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Trooper's Treasures

Fostering Dogs with Love

Trooper’s Treasures Rescue was founded by two friends with a calling - to help dogs that were abandoned, sick, neglected, surrendered, or abused in Hamilton County and the surrounding area and getting them into an adoptable state so they can find their fur-ever home.

Trooper’s Treasures tries to reduce the number of pets turned into shelters with their foster parent program. Working alongside local shelters, Trooper’s Treasures takes abandoned and adoptable pets into their foster parent program and provides them with the medical care, love, and socialization they need to thrive again and find their new family. Operating fully on their own time and resources, plus donations, and adoption fees, the volunteers and foster parents with Trooper’s Treasures are funded by the generosity of friends and strangers.

Trooper’s Treasures’ mission is to make certain that all dogs know what it means to be a truly loved part of a family and they are dedicated to making this a reality for all their four-legged friends.

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  • Contestants requires a minimum of 50 votes to qualify
  • One vote per day per person
  • Votes tied to unverified emails or phone numbers will be disregarded
  • Voting for more than one charity is prohibited
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