Furnace Troubleshooting Checklist

Heating System Troubleshooting Checklist

We receive dozens of phone calls each year from homeowners who are having problems with their heating systems. They often ask if there is something they can do before scheduling a technician to come out.

If your heating system isn’t producing enough heat or isn’t switching on when it should, follow this troubleshooting checklist before you give us a call!

Natural Gas/Propane Furnaces or Heat Pumps:

  • Verify that the thermostat is set to the heating mode and that the temperature is set above the temperature of the room (3-5 degrees higher).

  • If your thermostat is battery operated, make sure the batteries aren’t dead.

  • Ensure your filter is clean.

  • Make sure all vents and return air ducts are open and not blocked.

  • Check the service switch on the side of the furnace to make sure it’s in the "ON” position.

  • Check to see if any circuit breakers are tripped in the electrical panel. Reset if needed.

  • If you have a standing pilot model gas burner, make sure the pilot is lit. Re-light if needed.

  • Make sure your gas meter is on and service has not been interrupted.

  • Check to make sure the flue vents are not blocked on high efficiency systems. Clear away any snow or ice.

  • JUST CALL DALE’S for service if this doesn’t get your system up and running!
  • You notice fluid or water leaking around the furnace or humidifier.
  • Your furnace is making strange noises or is noisier than usual.
  • You furnace has a hard time starting up.
  • Your lights dim upon start up.
  • Your furnace runs continually.