The 6 Key Things to Consider BEFORE
Replacing Your Air Conditioning System

Let’s face it.

A new system is a big investment. In fact, your home’s heating and cooling systems is more than likely the most expensive appliance in your home.

There’s a lot to consider.

Some are obvious – like price, efficiency level, and maybe the manufacturer and model.

But some things, are not so obvious and could have a big impact on how happy you will be with your investment over the life of the system.

Consider this…
Would You Buy a AC System and Expect to Only Get
78% of the Comfort it Was Designed to Deliver?
Of course, not… that would be crazy.

However, that is the reality of what could happen and sadly we see it more often than you would expect.

This happens when a system that is too large or too small is installed or if it is not installed correctly. Incorrectly sizing or short cut installations can reduce the efficiency of a new system dramatically….

Which means you could experience less comfort, higher energy costs, and increased wear and tear on your system!
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