AC Troubleshooting Tips

5 Tips to Troubleshoot AC Issues
Before You Call for Help...

Tip #1 - Check Your Thermostat:

Double check that your thermostat is set in the ‘cool’ position and that the temperature setting is set for 3-5 degrees lower than the current temperature. Listen to see if your air conditioning system kicks on. If you cannot hear it, you can check a supply register to see if you feel air coming through it. If your thermostat is an older model it may need fresh batteries.

Tip #2 - Check Your Breaker:

Locate the breaker assigned to your air conditioning system (there could be one for the outdoor unit and one for the indoor unit) and move them to the off-position to reset. Wait a minute or two before resetting to the on-position. Note: It could take several minutes for your outdoor unit to start up.

Tip #3 - Double Check Power Switches to the Unit:

There will be a power switch on both the indoor and outdoor unit - verify that they are in the ‘on’ position (if you have a furnace and air conditioning system you will want the furnace switch to be in the ‘on’ position as well). Some outdoor units have a red ‘reset’ button. If you have one, push it to reset the system.

Tip #4 - Check Your Condensate Pump:

If your system has a condensate pump check to see if it is full of water. If it is, make sure the pump is plugged-in, the hose is attached and isn’t clogged.

Tip #5 - Check Your Filter:

Believe it or not, a dirty filter will not only decrease efficiency but can also cause your system to malfunction. If your system was running and stopped, and you find that the filter was clogged, first change it and look to see if there is frost on the lines going to the outdoor unit. If you find frost wait until the frost melts before trying to restart the system.


  • Fluid or water is leaking from the unit
  • You see a build-up of ice on the unit
  • Your system is making strange noises or is noisier than usual
  • Your system has a hard time starting up, or you notice your lights dim when it starts
  • Your system runs continually but your home is not comfortable
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