M-Series Heat Pump

M-Series Ductless Heat Pump

MSZ-A09NA  -  9,500 Btu/h
MSZ-A12NA  -  9,500-12,000 Btu/h
MSZ-A15NA  -  12,000-15,000 Btu/h
MSZ-A17NA  -  15,000-16,200 Btu/h
MSZ-A24NA  -  16,200-22,000 Btu/h
Small Size, Big Performance
While all of our Mr. Slim units are compact and lightweight, M-Series heat pumps were designed specifically to provide high performance heating and cooling for tight spaces. But don't be fooled. The powerful M-Series delivers plenty of year-round comfort. And unlike window units, Mr. Slim's small size, color, and mounting position make it blend in well.
No Ductwork Needed
Mr. Slim systems require no ductwork. There's only a small, three-inch opening connecting the indoor and outdoor units. These features result in easy installation, less mess, and a better looking home.

The new R410A M-Series offers the following features:

  • Anti-allergy enzyme filter
  • Hybrid Catechin Pre-filter fibers
  • A-Control for unit wiring
  • Inverter-driven DC Compressor
  • Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM) 
  • Low-ambient Cooling Operation
  • Powerful Mode
  • Wide Airflow 
  • Optional connection to wired remote control
  • Optional M-Net advanced system control
  • Plus: Econo-Cool mode
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