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Most people don’t think about their system until they have an expensive problem. Dale’s Comfort Club takes the worry and hassle out of keeping your system properly maintained.

Think About It

  • Have you ever seen how dirty a piece of outdoor machinery can get after months or years of use?
  • Have you ever seen a piece of equipment that worked better after it was cleaned or maintained?
  • Do you believe that not cleaning equipment makes it run worse and wear out faster?

If you answered “yes” to these questions . . .

… then you already know your heating and cooling system needs to be cleaned. And you realize that your system will work better if you have it cleaned.

Most manufacturers require system maintenance for warranties.

That’s where Dale’s Comfort Club comes in.

Regular, scheduled cleanings, twice a year, for the systems you depend on for comfort in your home.

And you get to spread your payments out over the entire year – interest free.

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